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AirFusion EVO

Note: I always recommend trying on this particular model before purchasing it. This can be done by appointment, preferably on Saturday or Sunday.

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Continuing the EVOlution of this award winning design, the AirFusion ℱ EVO is unlike any other inflatable kayak on the water! The first of its kind, the AirFusionℱ EVO’s unique design is a fusion of aluminum frame poles, high-pressure drop stitch air chambers, and an enclosed outer Polyurethane skin which results in a streamlined high-performance kayak. Skirtable for protection in adverse conditions, the EVO offers great stability, a V-shape hull for superior tracking and a rear access hatch for easy access to under deck items. At 3,96 m long, with a narrow beam and drop stitch technology, the AirFusionℱ EVO is a quick and nimble kayak that tracks like a rigid hard-shell.
AE1042 : EUR 1559 (MSRP) => Our price includes service (see commercial policy) : EUR 1379

Speed and High Performance!

Designed to rival the performance and speed of skin-on-frame kayaks, while simplifying the setup procedure, the AirFusionℱ has evolved over the years through a series of improvements and refinements into the NEW AirFusionℱ EVO. An inflatable kayak unlike any other on the water, the AirFusionℱ EVO’s design utilizes drop stitch technology for the main air chambers, low-pressure air thwarts to build out the structure, a Polyurethane outer skin, and an aluminum keel frame. Drop stitch technology allows us to create high pressure forms that are extremely rigid while the low-pressure air thwarts replace bulky frame parts that are typically used in skin-on-frame kayaks. The aluminum keel frame creates a V-hull for superior tracking while the Polyurethane outer skin creates a hydrodynamic surface for enhanced glide through the water making the AirFusionℱ EVO a high-performance kayak for any trip.

Performance Details

  • Performance: Aluminum frame, and high pressure drop-stitch air chambers provide a hull speed comparable to a hard-shell.
  • Quick Set Up: Compared to Frame and Skin Kayaks, high pressure drop-stitch air chambers reduce frame parts for faster set-up time.
  • Durable: Heavy-duty PU Tarpaulin material offers a smooth, hydrodynamic outer skin.
  • Style: This narrow beam design paddles like a rigid hard-shell kayak.
  • Portability: No roof rack needed! Pack in the trunk of your car or fly it to remote destinations.


  • Bungee deck lacing
  • Hybrid Aluminum Frame and High Pressure
  • Drop-Stitch Air Chamber Design
  • Inflatable Coaming for spray skirt attachment
  • D-ring gear tie downs
  • Roll-top rear storage access hatch
  • Rubber molded handles
  • Optional fixed skeg

Important note
It is not easy to choose the right kayak for your activities! I am here for you. You will read on almost every website that these are the best kayaks with excellent gliding ability on the water. This is not true! Even in the Advanced Elements brand, the Lagoon1 does not have the same characteristics as the AFrame Elite.
All our kayaks have been disassembled and tested by me. I know the technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each model. Do not hesitate to ask me your questions before buying your kayak. My goal is your satisfaction. And if I don’t have the right model for you, I will tell you directly.
Have fun on the water,