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No shopping cart on this site. If you are interested in one of the models listed on this page, please send us an email We will contact you directly to analyse whether the chosen model really corresponds to the intended use. Our priority: your satisfaction – Our customers give us 5 stars (Google reviews).
Prices valid on available stocks.

Lagoon1 : EUR 449 => EUR 399

Paddel AE2037 ( EUR 69) : EUR 35 (50% DISCOUNT)

A versatile boat for anyone who loves the water. Whether it’s lakes, gentle rivers, bays or estuaries, it’s a pleasure to be on the water quickly.

AirVolution1 : EUR 1209 => EUR 999

Paddel AE2037 ( EUR 69) : EUR 35 (50% DISCOUNT)

This unique model is built entirely with 12 PSI high pressure and can be used as a kayak or Stand Up Paddle.

Island Voyage II : EUR 619 => EUR 339

The Advanced Elements Island Voyage™ 2 is a compact and durable recreational inflatable kayak. Featuring multi-layer construction, multiple handles, elastic deck lacing, high-back seats, a pointed bow with a rocker and a tracking fin for enhanced performance, the Island Voyage™ 2 is ready for your next adventure.

AF Convertible Elite : EUR 1549 => EUR 1389

Paddles AE2037 (2 x EUR 69) : EUR 69 (50 % DISCOUNT)

Our flagship tandem model gives you the best performance for calm waters, lakes and estuaries. This model is available as a single or double deck version. Elite version = high pressure floor, seat with lumbar adjustment and transport backpack.