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About you

In order to know each other better, please send us this form by e-mail to and let us know what you would like to do.

Where do you plan to paddle? ☐ calm water (eg lake) ☐ bays / estuaries ☐ sea and ocean ☐ white water ☐ rivers up to class II ☐ rivers class III ☐ rivers class IV or more

How long will your shipments last? ☐ an hour or two ☐ half a day ☐ a whole day ☐ several days ☐ several days with camping equipment

Would you like a solo or tandem kayak? ☐ solo ☐ tandem ☐ I’m not sure, advise me

Do you also want to fish with your kayak? ☐ never ☐ occasionally ☐ most of the time

Wat type of kayak?  ☐ unbridged ☐ bridged ☐ I’m not sure, advise me

More indiscreet: the height and weight of the paddlers?

          Paddler 1 : ________________cm ________kg

          Paddler 2 : ________________cm ________kg

Physically, what is your strength and flexibility? No problem(s) (back…)?

Do you already have experience to kayaking? ___________________________________________

Your name & e-mail: _______________________________________________________________