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About us

Our story

It all started with a marathon I ran in 2018, the Rursee marathon. During this marathon, to be precise the day after the race, I met someone who was inflating his kayak. Nice product. I exchanged a few words and took note of the brand: Advanced Elements.

A year later, I decided to buy my first inflatable kayak and I noticed that it is not possible to try a kayak before buying it, and that most dealers are multi-brand and unfortunately do not know the product perfectly.

A former B2B factory representative from 1991 to 2005, in the public service since then, I decided in 2020 to contact the company and buy 7 kayaks which I tested and dismantled in all directions to ensure the reliability and qualities of the product. Conclusive!

In February 2021, I created AEDistribution to sell this new type of kayak. Indeed, Advanced Elements was created by two inventors (Benicia – California) who wanted to market a new type of hybrid inflatable kayak combining the advantages of inflatable and rigid.

Commercial policy

From the beginning, we have never offered online sales on this website. Our goal is to share our passion for our product, and to find together the best type of kayak according to your aspirations (most of the models and accessories listed on this site are testable).

Our prices are calculated as accurately as possible, taking into account our 5-star service: taking the time to listen to the customer, taking the time to respond to him, always thinking of his satisfaction, spending time with him when he tries out his kayak
 In no case do we want to become « logisticians » where our job consists of checking the data entered into the computer system by the customer and printing a shipping label. We prefer human contact, still in the 21st century.

Finally, our general terms and conditions are simple and easy to read.

Much pleasure on the water,